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Davines "The Circle Chronicles" Hair Masks

With winter ending and spring being run over by more snow it may be time to give your hair a boost. We have just received a set of five brand new deep treatments from Davines to help tailor your salon experience.

"The Spotlight Circle"

For hair that has gotten dull from the dryness and wind that winter brings we have The Spotlight Circle. This mask is infused with Moringa oil. The Moringa plant is a super plant and the oil derived from it gives a lot back. It helps aid in collagen production, it is promoted as an anti inflammatory and promotes healthy longer and fuller hair. It also helps produce a healthy shine! So if you want your hair to shine like there’s a spot light on it pop on in to our salon and give it a try.

"Wakeup Circle"

Good morning and welcome to the Wakeup Circle! After four grueling months of winter this treatment will help wake your hair back up. Purple clay goes to town detoxifying your stressed out winter locks while rhodiola extract helps to bring balance and harmony to your hair. Start spring up right with The Wakeup Circle.

"Quick Fix Circle"

Does your winter ravaged hair need to be treated but your low on time? Then you need the Quick Fix Circle. This is a multifaceted three minute treatment that helps to hydrate and detangle your hair. It is infused with red clay and hyaluronic acid. Red clay is wonderful for your hair because it helps to unclog hair follicles, removes product build up, and will help fight dandruff. Hyaluronic acid helps to infuse moisture back into the hair. So if you need a quick fix The Quick Fix Circle is your go to treatment.


We all need to channel a little Renaissance from time to time and your hair is the same. So if your hair needs some revitalization The Renaissance Circle is for you! It is infused with yellow clay to draw out impurities. It is also infused with babassu oil, a lighter sister oil to coconut oil. Babassu oil with not weight your hair down or leave any residue. If your hair needs a good reawakening then The Renaissance Circle treatment is for you.

"The Purity Circle"

Living in Chicago can wreak havoc on your hair. Between big city pollution and some major wind complete with city debris its no wonder that purifying your hair is a must. The Purity Circle is a great way to cleans away the city. It is infused with bamboo charcoal that will absorb environmental impurities as well as Matcha Tea Extract to help stimulate hair growth. This one would be a great once a month treatment so let us try The Purity Circle on you during your next visit.

Head on over to Pearl’s of Chicago and let us find the right treatment for you!

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